after receiving subcutaneous inoculations of pure cultures of the Klebs Luffler
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tion between cancer of the pancreas and cancer of t
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of a tumor but the true condition was not diagnosed. The
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ment migration namely of the male portion of the popula
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The discussion which followed on the use of arsenic is
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tion of which I have had the honor of sketching the
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it may safely be affirmed that the etiology of this type of
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the globe. Hess describes the absorption of the cocci by the
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the inspissation of the blood in that disease and which is naturally
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the normal process of the circulation of the blood by producing
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business and the profit to tempt the medical man from
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induced to give you a short account of it. In November
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will meet on common ground in the treatment of those numerous com
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greater length in connection with the relation between yellow fever
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medical than in the social and political atmosphere of the time. All of
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problem of the hitherto inexplicable results of the
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to effect a cure. In cases in which there is a pro
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fermentative one and was not capable of forming indol
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patients and their friends often seek from the physician with the
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of an eloquent lecturer. He was engaged in a second
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of the cause of obstruction. This evacuation of the dis
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have just selected typical cases of each variety of
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As I have already detained you too long I shall only briefly
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mide to such patients actually improves performance of the
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one of the standard works on renal dia.gnosis. It is a
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foci of round cell infiltration. There was no evidence of any acute lesion.
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dysentery diarrhoea gonorrhoea leucorrhoea scrofula and combined
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mortem was dotted with many small opaque white spots looking like little
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digested and turned into chyle runs into fermentation producing acetic acid
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