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stone found to bee in his bladder whereupon he used

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ment the utility of which is to day questioned. I shall

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by them I fhall now add that experimental philofophy alfo difpofes the

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fix the trigone of the bladder restoring its hinges

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expense that the officials are unable or unwilling to

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ber at which a draft code of rules was prepared for

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gling sensation in the skin. He had previously taken arsenic mercury warm

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lished in the London Medical Observations and Inquiries may be particularly referred

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treated. This is notoriously the case with the pul

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ity where a case of yellow fever was running its course

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lief that there had been a defect in the development of the

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marks as to the possibility of confusing the von Pirquet

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bonate of iron given as above directed entirely restored her to her

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peculiar colour. Her general condition was not satisfactory

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case several times liefore the Gynecological Society of

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