adhesions between drainage tubes and adjacent struc

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acter occurring in plants and is due to the bacterium tumefaciens which

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and increased by heat. Now having made these quotations allow me

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continuous therewith was associated pain in both shoulder blades in

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inflammation of the bile ducts accompanied by inflammatory


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hot water was spoken of but there was no time for it and

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to the virulence of the disease. Of the cases recorded

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Moderate oligocythemia is noted the reduction being seldfim

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perceiving me asked why I had not like the others felt his

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cians and members of health boards have had cases that

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now set in. For two months she got gradually worse her distress

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penia the early appearance of albumin and casts in the urine which

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between the fingers Loomis. It occurs in the thorax when

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except at the injured joint where it is still painful on

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Hence it may be assumed that the cells forming one of the higher

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before being eaten by man and vegetables desired for

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Hundred Pregnant Women was the title of a paper read at

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disease or removal of certain important parts of the

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furthermore in very young children we frequently have

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meningitis from tumor. In regard to the point of dif

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ichthargan. Collargol is at present the best remedy although

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qualify as laid down in paragraph she should be at the

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One of these may be repeated here. The patient was a

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tion he had increased the weekly quantity consumed to sixteen ounces.

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whose admission blanks had not been filled in as to

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I cadily l e accomplished by moulding the dry spore vaccine into