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lis propagated there by their vaccinations. All the middle aged and
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syphilitic child caused a cessation of the transmission of the disease. Thus
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being pushed in school beyond his physical or mental capacity. Exces
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inspection is made regularly and carefully. In others
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acteristics approximating malignancy. In nine cases
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oedema in its alveolL Now we might suppose the niunber of capil
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receive their medicine will be regularly examined at one or
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derived in certain cases by operating without these
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drench every three hours until the diarrhoea stops. In very
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The Blue Disease. Its nature The symptoms The mortality of the
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Pertussis Fifteen to twenty days or after six weeks from the
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tation. This diagnosis is confirmed if there is oedema of the lower
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It differs from ordinary acute arthritis which may like
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cathartic and is advantageously given by native doctors in all dropsi
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forms of tumor of the stomach those that we have referred to in
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body these have a peculiar dry acrid and irritable appearance they
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almost unanimity of opinion and specifically according to an enumeration
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I cadily l e accomplished by moulding the dry spore vaccine into
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contents of which besides being essentially derived from the sewage
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been stopped. The six cases he had seen four of which
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mathematic. Hence the change that may be noted in the
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Hypercesthesia of the muscles from the outset to the establishment
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Hospital and the New York Cancer Hospital Fellow of the
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cattle were fed on pasture alone at a cost of. per pounds
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without pain rapid wasting tongue became red smooth and tender. He
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antiseptics would entirely obviate it. He was a firm believer in
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cefs from any other manner of treating it than that he has recommended.
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now so frequently arise. In deciding whether amputation is required or
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and persistent cold to which troops long stationed in trenches without
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shared finding in this condition a tendency to digestive
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a judgment for the revocation of a physician s license.
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diltiazem in the long term treatment of stable exertional angina. Clin
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attacking the face and simulating the oedema of Bright s disease or of
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sense of impending death. The pulse was strong and rapid. The treat
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parts. Blood is also effused everywhere in large or small quantities