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year we are able to present ten papers which have not ap
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of Robert Koch s tuberculin. The effect was tested ever
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it was found that on the right side the recurrent nerve had
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meeting in Toronto. In September the third International Con
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identity colors. Of course the error in the eyes of
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to test the supposition that these bad symptoms are due
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It is a symptom and may be du lt to anj morbid processes
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occasion an embolium penetrated the arteries of the brain and pro
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othesis to aid us in understanding this difficult subject
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in the Infirmary and was to an appreciable extent modified by
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and on the varying degree of efficiency of the methods employed.
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certain amount of itching and an acarus or two here
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peritoneum I believe it to be the duty of the surgeon to get
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law would they make any attempt to fix the course of Pro
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itself remains pervious as before and the animal survives the
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Dr. M Dowel of the Whitworth Hospital Dublin it was found after
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Briefly then counter irritation may rehcre pain. Place a long
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to these parents. The mother and father are well developed healthy white
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the data are abundant showing the intimate relation
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pressure from the enlargement of the left lobe of the liver
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examples of intensified pneumonia and intensified tuberculosis.
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organs for several weeks. Its milky color depends on the presence of
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to the direction of the flow of the subsurface water. This
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of the characteristic group of symptoms attending impediment to the
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ing in Graves thyroid disease. Also this gland seems to
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of Tropical Medicine has been informed by the Grecian
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It is a wise provision that the medical department has been placed in
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great pleasure in stating that it has rarely disappointed me. I
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In addition to alcoholic stimulants the aromatic spirits of ammonia is
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examinations which shall be impartially conducted by
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reasons I know of no section of what is now often called State
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perfectly white at the centre and shading off into a
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Amongst others who worked for Guy s Dr. Hodgkin must
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Statistics and Publicity in Child Welfare Work by Chas. A. Hodgetts
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unremitted duties required of him for a period of fifty
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of scarlatina. All the varieties of purpura coasider
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