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loss of elasticity at the spot might indicate deep seated abscess.

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recesses of a spiritual nature. In saying this I may transpose a

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bad nights with chills and stiffness for three or four days before

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arriving here after a very severe passage of fifty days. A

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tion proportioned to the time and degree in which ungoverned passion

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the B. coli to these regions of the small intestine

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post auricular grooves at the hinder part of the ilium. The

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patient resides in a malarial district. In cases in which a microscopic

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the maintenance of brotherly feeling and of high ethical aims

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dissolves these waste and poisonous substances many

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distilled and contains much amylic alcohol which is

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gastric secretion are not confined to those alcoholic

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This latter recommendation may well be given for the

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ooze and had a peculiar yeast like odor. During the

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Drs. Albutt and Potter who have but voiced the grow

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There is quite an excitement in Louisville Medical cir

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sioner should quarantine any town village or district other than

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site that greater advances be made in our knowledge of the

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genitals and by the use of air cushions or pads. The

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they will find themselves so heavily handicapped in the race that very

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of mercury. The color when the mercurial solution was added

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one of calomel. Afterwards five drops of tinlure of opium

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occur or the patient falls into a typhoid tate with profound asthenia. In

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of both eyelids and slight rigidity of the muscles of

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Control of Epidemics. The principles which guide us for the con

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patient to the air a brownish or blackish discoloration of it were to

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two cases analyzed only per cent began with paralysis. In these

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noma this could not be attributed to vigorous phys

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epigastric region and sometimes also of the left half of the

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