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of the Chicago Neurological Society and secretary treasurer of the Midwest Pain

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was gradually deepened until the false capsule was reached which was

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In general it may be said that the increase in amount of acetone

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fit for nothing. She tires very easily and has lost interest in everything.

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season of incidence may be delayed by rains which prevent the spread

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that the enema be retained. Bodenhamer states in his work

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In the thorax the right lung unusually healthy the left

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it very questionable whether it will prove of positive therapeutic

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list. Not all skillful operators are at home in the

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pyogenes. In all three animals fat necrosis and pan

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distention are not so efficient as a well performed urethrotomy for a

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peritoneal cavity. It is unnecessary to say that the

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popular teacher. His personal appearance was eminently

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say speaks of the dejections as Ijeing yellowish and like curdled milk

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temperature at which the last trace of sample becomes liquid.

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this alkaloid is painted on a ganglion or peripheral nerve plexus in

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In advising the patient where to go the physician has at his

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ers of Odora solidago. Fragrant or Swretscenlrd golden

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result of acquired disease especially as we found nodes on her tibiae

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filaria repels the other but closely similar species. Nor does this