but not recovery has been observed under colonic flush
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uremia. The clinical diagnosis in such cases is often mad.e with a
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duces the usual effects of mercury on the system and
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became ill nausea supervened and temperature rose to .
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Edinburgh University The Principal November rd P.M.
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variance testing for differences by sub code was not
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this disease he describes it as consisting of small rodlets
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participation of all motor and secretory organs the loss of consciousness
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numbers over forty. But with this great increase in the amount
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vei tex and occiput white flat scales on either side of a dark
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complete as to temporarily simulate bowel obstruction. In
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and there were numerous patches of pulmonary apoplexy
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type characterized chiefly by morbid fenrs For four
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Symptoms pointing to the spinal cord are however absent.
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at the wrong lime is their application through anundilated
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Mitchell of Philadelphia and his legitimate deductions therefrom and
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to over emphasize the importance of further investigation of a case of
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exercises music reading etc. are quite as important.
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defective. The breaking up of adhesions did good by ex
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The work and publications of the small group of physicians and men of
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from a phenomenon of disease just to the state of affairs that has
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continuously from minor phenomena due to chronic cholecystitis with or
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to discuss a question of this kind and secondly because even
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Th.it portion of tlie editorial gt articularly obnoxious
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An opportunity was now given for delegates to name physicians from
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residue from alcohol on exposure to the air Ruppel considers that
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touch and some slight sensation comiected with the toes
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wounds may subsequently become infected l y dirty material.
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dinner the granting of a charter to the Royal British Nurses Association.
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as each mode has its own place and furthermore we feel that
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been claimed as etiological factors. Lithemic subjects are pai
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regulations less acceptable to a profession whose concur
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of vision and attacks of maniacal excitement with marked impair
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make plans for the future and confidently expect to recover.
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tion of the liquid. Tubercle bacilli may be demonstrated a great ex
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Dr. Ryan made a suggestion that this Association shall take action in
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of the fpringing water might have a convenient fcope and be the better
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panied with anaesthesia of the larynx. Von Ziemssen Chairou and Schnitzler
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some cases a few hours and it may be some days. In cholera
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