August. The Examination in Slateria Medica and Pharma

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the world over as the P. amp O. It is the only line

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the larynx. To the casual observer the tubes seem of small

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ease is of paramount importance because should affections bo developed

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sinks nor rises is of the same specific gravity as the

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and a part the primitive germ cell mass for the future heredity

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our verdict. The meat was coarse but quite tender. It was

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haemorrhage there is not much tendency to ascites. Clinical evidence

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the operjitiou one died five weeks later of luug com

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is a rule with me to perforate in all cases in which the

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gestions applicable to bringing the Institute with

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conscientious workers while those of the irregulars would be corre

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advantage of the so called factors of safety. These

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Thorough massage every one or two days and anointing with

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which was developed in pure culture. The patient was

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the extravasation bursts through the serous coating and escapes

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features of this mode of treatment had been the large

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epithelioma similar to that described by Dr. Kidd in which he had

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part or half ot the body was convulsed. This limited disorder was

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spinal cord hemiparaplegia anaesthesia of the side of the body opposite

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culates the statute. As a result the Tenement House

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the contraction of the visceral blood vessels where

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Space does not allow me to describe in detail the transac

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ish epithelial coating or show a red easily bleeding sur

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The cultural methods devised by himself the experiments he under

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writer refers to the case of a young woman who suddenly exclaimed

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dreams accompanied bj erection and a high degree of venereal

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de la face en particulier which disease certainly possesses many features very

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and was normally fertile but was quite awkward and copu

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in the cord had subsided.. characteristic of the muscles

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Symptoms. The attacks occur most frequently at night

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trained nurses were in charge..As soon as possible

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Sumrnary before the Southern California Regional Meeting of the

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helping to locate the center or centers in the brain

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case before recovery. In the latter case it lasted but a few hours.

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ment in the production of each issue of the Journal.

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for the first time intend to visit England that the present

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even if its weight comes on the lower lip some per

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given in the form of recurrent attacks even of so mild a

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To sum up the student has very little personal con

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open keep up the heart s strength with stimulants when

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or nursing may be advantageous or Liquid Pepsin Sheffer s formula

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have instituted a careful inquiry into the death record

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dealt with the surgical treatment of sterility when due

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mains but a mere shell of cortical substance and mem

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dry sterilized gauze but this was covered most thoroughly

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states that one of the most important things to be con