tient of Le Dieu the amount of urea in twenty four hours barely

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tial gastrectomy with gastroduodenal anastomosis. N.

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of pressure and the efficiency of the heart. It is very common in

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metabolic processes occurring in the livers of birds and of mammals.

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cause of a chronic cystitis is tuberculosis and that is

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reinspection over pounds of meat and meat products which

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tion of findings in the plate it is always advisable

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disease and enjoyed ordinary good health until eight

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open door to bacilli. Dr. Scurfield mentioned that it

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Its effect on gummata is well known and positive. While the mercu

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State and city medical societies to make themselves useful to the ladies

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lowed the correction of as low degrees of astigmatism as. D.

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ing accurately the degree of bacteriolysis which had occurred. But

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acid or its precursors at body temperature. It must of course be kept

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become antiseptic sooner for Vibrio cholerae than for B. typhosus and

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As evidence of age a copy of the baptismal register will be

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advantages possessed by this College. For particulars see an

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animal human blood serum several times at intervals

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modates patients and is equal in comfort to the best hotels.

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article b Greenfield Sluder on The Symptom Complex Associated

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Emergency air evacuation operations also got under way in India Burma.

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ated in the cervical pectoral or abdominal regions. Except in the abdominal

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temperature in the fire box leaving the fuel bed comparatively cool

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noble animal. A good system founded on the teachings of

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the toxins should be administered fresh for the re

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with great satisfaction. Tne solution is not bactericidal

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from typhoid fever and in cases of diphtheria smallpox and scarlatint.

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Mr. Rockcliffe who has had previous experience in the consideration of this